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Digital Safety Training Improving Ward Staff Insulin Competency and Confidence

by Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme

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According to National Diabetes Inpatient Audit (NaDIA) (2017) data, 18% of all hospital inpatients have diabetes. Most of these are admitted to hospital for non-diabetes-related reasons and are cared for by non-diabetes specialist teams. Suboptimal hospital management of diabetes can lead to increased length of stay and increased morbidity and mortality rates. Delivering measurable and standardised insulin safety training is challenging, as shifts are busy, often understaffed and rely on agency or bank nurses. Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme collaborated with Dr Rice, Chris Cottrell and PocketMedic to create a ‘bite-sized’ educational film and competency-based e-learning topic to support ward staff.

Judges' comments:

"This entry from the Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme was extremely well-written and put together. They showed innovation, strong use of digital content and the training was clearly very effective and well run. The training is being run at a high scale; it is well delivered and easily shared. The organisers are responsive and it has been thoroughly tested."


“COMPLEMENT” (Complete Mentoring and Diabetes Education for Clinically Practicing Pharmacists)

by EDEN Leicester Diabetes Centre, Leicester General Hospital

The initiative was designed to meet a need in primary care to rapidly upskill clinical pharmacists to be able to give complete care to people living with diabetes. Prescribing clinical pharmacists are a valuable asset, alleviating the burden on GP practices and providing appointments for patients to have face-to-face, quality time with a healthcare professional. However, according to EDEN’s Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Knowledge and Confidence (K&C) questionnaire, many want further training and mentorship before offering diabetes care. The COMPLEMENT (Complete Mentoring and Diabetes Education for Clinically Practising Pharmacists) programme was developed to meet this need.

Judges' comments:

"The COMPLEMENT education programme provides many different learning environments, such as face-to-face, mentoring and workshops. It is innovative, clever and sets a standard for future programmes. Even this early in the programme, the potential is clear and the judges look forward to seeing how it develops."

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