Equality, Diversity and Health Equalities - Reducing Variation of Care and Outcomes Particularly as it relates to Socioeconomic, Cultural or Racial Determinants


An evaluation of group educational sessions for people with Type 2 Diabetes on insulin amongst Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities

By London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

The project evaluated group sessions for Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities with Type 2 diabetes on insulin at GP practices and the Brent Diabetes Service. It explored whether giving groups of people with similar culture and languages the opportunity to discuss managing their diabetes while on insulin, in conjunction with specific foods relating to their culture, could improve their blood glucose (glycaemic) control. It also worked with healthcare professionals in primary care to support people with diabetes, carers and families, as people registered with Type 2 diabetes differed in culture, food and languages spoken.

Judges' comments:

"This entry from London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust was a demonstration of true patient engagement. It was a warm and caring project that focused on an under looked and under supported patient cohort. It had excellent results from a really compassionate team of HCPs. The feedback from carers and patients was strong and the team adjusted and amended as they went as a result of these to improve care. "

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