Unsung Hero Award


TDFC London

TDFC London was built to provide an open and inclusive football themed meetup for T1 diabetics. Launched in 2019, I'm putting the group forward as they won the North London Futsal League in January 2022. The story is beyond kicking a ball and winning a league. TDFC London provides football banter, mentoring, social and mental health support, guidance on diabetes treatment and the most important of all, peer support. This diverse group celebrates each individual as their own entity. We've helped individuals gain access to diabetes technology and referred individuals to health services they were unaware of prior to joining.

Judges' comments:

"TDFC London was an inspirational, heart-warming and feel good entry, clearly driven by an individual that has offered support to a group of young Type 1s. This could be replicated nationwide, if they were willing to share their learnings and advice on how others could role this out. It is a fantastic example of peer support, ingenious and particularly focusses on young men - a notoriously difficult group to connect with and an often overlooked group."

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  • 2023 KEY DATES
  • Open for Entry:
    Thursday 27 April 2023
  • Entry Deadline:
    Friday 7 July 2023
  • Judging Day:
    Tuesday 8 September 2023
  • Awards Ceremony:
    Thursday 12 October 2023