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Embedding Patient Activation to Support a Prudent Model for Prevention of Diabetes Related Foot Crisis

by Diabetic Foot Network Wales

Diabetes cost the NHS 10% of the total budget with 80% treating the complications. This is unsustainable and the role the patients have in supporting self care has never been more important. New models and pathways need to include their role as advocates in Managing their own health. The Diabetic Foot Network has developed a new pathway that not only includes clinical hazards but patient activation to determine true risk to crisis. This new model is innovative and is transferable to all aspects of diabetes, freeing up capacity to those that need it most, improving outcomes and using less resources.

Judges' comments:

"The judges were impressed with the activation levels. There is a national catastrophe with podiatrists, so initiatives like this are really worth sharing. The innovation was good and it’s great to see the patient at the heart of the management of diabetes in this project. A great one to disseminate, with strong online resources. This was a different approach through patient activation, a real innovation."


Medway Community Diabetes Team

by Medway Community Healthcare

To improve the review of those vulnerable, housebound patients who have insulin administered by community nursing teams. Embedding technology (flash glucose monitoring) into community nursing teams to allow safe and appropriate review of those patients on insulin. Increasing the knowledge and skills of community nursing teams in recognising the risks of hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia, and the appropriate treatment pathway for these often challenging situations.

Judges' comments:

"Medway Community Healthcare’s project resonated that community case load administration is underserved population and it’s an important platform to encourage others to replicate. It showed an improvement in clinical parameters and showed innovation in terms of doing things differently. "


Diabetes Virtual Ward Pathway - An Adjunct Between Primary and Secondary Care Improving the Patient Pathway

by University Hospitals of Leicester

The diabetes virtual ward (DVW) pathway allows patients to receive the care and support they need at home, safely and conveniently rather than in the hospital setting. The ward offers different approaches to care narrowing the gap between demand and capacity for secondary care beds, offering an alternative to admission or early discharge. It also presents educational opportunities for the entire team supporting people living with diabetes. This pathway demonstrates optimisation of care, positive patient feedback and continued investment for growth. Finally, DVW supports collaborative working across the patient pathway in primary and secondary care within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Judges' comments:

"University Hospitals of Leicester have put together a well-written application. It had positive outcomes, which can be replicated. The judges liked that patients were able to monitor from home and is a good tool to safely manage diabetes. The judges loved the idea of the virtual ward, which was very well set-up for people with diabetes. A lovely resource to support integrated care."

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