Swimming with the T1DE

by NHS Executive

Adults from Wales with a lived experience of Type 1 Diabetes and Eating Disorders (T1DE) participated in a therapeutic, creative project led by Breathe Creative, an arts-based company from Cardiff. Through a series of virtual workshops, participants safely reflected on their experience of T1DE using creative writing, poetry, art, and music, identifying common themes and key messages. The end result is a powerful animation of their collective experience and the need for continued awareness and further collaborative working amongst healthcare professionals to improve the support, treatment, and outcomes to patients living with T1DE.

Judges' comments:

"Swimming with the T1DE is a great idea, well-considered, with lots of background and information. It has easily accessible videos and really engaged young people, normally a difficult group to reach. The judges liked the discussion around experiences through art therapy. It was a creative and inspiring approach."


ACT Now! - A Brief Supported Self-Management Intervention to Improve Glycaemic Control and Emotional Wellbeing in Type 2 Diabetes

by NHS Grampian

In line with the Scottish Government’s ‘A Healthier Future’ framework, NHS Grampian developed psychology provision within its prevention and early intervention pathway for Type 2 diabetes. ACT Now! is a brief supported self-management intervention designed to improve glycaemic control and emotional wellbeing in people who are at risk of and living with Type 2 diabetes. Based on the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy, the 1:1 sessions focus on promoting key self-management behaviours (eating, physical activity), exploring the links between cognitions, emotions and behaviours (e.g. emotionally-driven eating), and introducing strategies to support individuals to better manage barriers to self-management.

Judges' comments:

"ACT Now! Is innovative and helps support people newly diagnosed with diabetes. It is there at the beginning of the patient journey, which is great. It had good results and is cost effective. Look forward to seeing it develop."

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