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Educating patients on calculating the carbohydrate in their food and drink can be complex. They need to understand food groups, know which foods are rapidly or slowly absorbed, be able to read food labels and know how to accurately estimate by sight or by weighing food.  Engagement of younger adults and children can be difficult, as it adds an extra, unwanted, process into their diabetes management.

The Carbs & Cals work was prompted by the realisation that many people with diabetes struggle with numeracy when calculating carbohydrate, failing to engage with the process, which they see as complicated and time consuming.

All commercially available public resources on carbohydrate counting to date had been based on lists of foods.


The main objective was to improve people’s lives by making carbohydrate and calorie counting accessible and easily understood. The goal was to produce products that help people gain an understanding of nutrition in the most accessible way possible.

In order to help reach these goals, the team behind Carbs & Cals fostered relationships with national charities and international businesses to both strengthen their goals and broaden the reach of the number of people with diabetes they could help.

They also supported healthcare professionals on a national level to make dietary consultations easier and more effective, providing the tools needed to empower their patients, leading to clear improvements in health outcomes.

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