Co-Creating Health: supporting and improving self care management


Co-creating Health (CCH) aims to make self-management an integral part of care for people with long-term conditions. The Health Foundation selected Whittington Health, working in partnership with local patients, as a diabetes demonstration site.

Patients participated in a self-management programme and clinicians undertook consultation skills training, provided by clinical and lay tutors.

Service improvement projects included an agenda/goal setting tool and adapting diabetes templates to support self-management. CCH took a holistic approach, transforming patient–clinician interactions into a collaborative partnership.

Whittington Health is embedding CCH into the care of all patients with long-term conditions.


Whittington Health serves a deprived, ethnically diverse population in London (Islington and Haringey), where the impact of poor diabetes management is significant. Local clinicians understood the critical importance of self-management, but there was not enough support to help people manage their own condition through self-care.

Whittington Health wanted to bring about a fundamental change in local diabetes care, transforming the patient–clinician interaction into a collaborative partnership and redesigning healthcare services to support self-management.

By adopting a whole systems approach, the aim was to embed and sustain a new model of care that puts self-management at the heart of diabetes services.

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QiC Diabetes Winner 2011
Best initiative supporting self-care
Co-creating Health
by Whittington Health


Dr Maria Barnard

Job title:
Lead Consultant in Diabetes
Place of work:
Whittington Health, Magdala Avenue, London N19 5NF


The Health Foundation
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