First Diabetes – a new clinical integrated diabetes service for patients in Derby


First Diabetes is not-for-profit organisation designed as a unique partnership between Primary and Secondary Care for the delivery of comprehensive, integrated, patient centred care for 2,500 patients with diabetes in Derby.

By bringing diabetes care services under a single budget and single clinical governance structure, it has managed to provide care closer to home in a coordinated and safe manner, resulting in improved quality of care and improved patient experience.

Resources used are within the budget that was spent on diabetes care in previous years, while outcomes have been significantly better. In addition, it has strengthened relationships across traditional NHS boundaries and influenced collaborative working for all long-term conditions. Patients were represented from the beginning and continue to be members of the clinical board, which meets monthly.


FirstDiabetesTeamLogoTo develop a new collaborative model of working that would provide greater benefit to patients through a more comprehensive and integrated approach to delivering diabetes care.

The new model would need to be based on the formation of a new NHS organisation. The vision was to form a community of diabetes healthcare workers who have a single budget and a single clinical governance structure enabling us to care for the patients safely and effectively.


The objective is to provide excellent care to 2,500 patients ‘at the right place, at the right time by the right person’, to ensure that patients are able to see the most appropriate professional at the right time and move between professionals without any financial disincentive or lack of clear ownership of the patient.  The integrated IT system enables a single care record to be kept and all professionals have access to and input into this record.  Ultimately this care would deliver increased patient satisfaction through:

  • Patients being seen closer to home (the clinics are largely held in the community)
  • Patients having a choice of healthcare professional to see
  • Better diabetes control
  • Reduction in admissions due to diabetes
  • Reduction in long-term complications from diabetes.

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QiC Diabetes Winner 2012
Best primary and/or community initiative of the year
First Diabetes – a new clinical integrated diabetes service for patients in Derby
by Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Rustam Rea

Job title:
Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology
Place of work:
Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


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