Implementing ThinkGlucose in The Dudley Group of Hospitals


The findings of the 2009 National Diabetes Inpatient Audit (NaDIA) showed 22 per cent of all in-patients in the Dudley Group of Hospitals Foundation Trust (DGH) had diabetes, and had a longer length of stay and poorer outcomes than similar patients without diabetes.

A further audit showed that 23.3 per cent of referrals to the diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs) were inappropriate. The diabetes team decided to tackle problems highlighted by the NaDIA findings by launching ThinkGlucose.


The team had three main aims:

  1. To increase awareness and uptake of the Diabetes Outreach Team (DOT) and improve management of inpatients with diabetes through education and updated protocols and documentation

  2. To deliver early specialist involvement to inpatients with diabetes, including clear discharge and follow up arrangements, improving patients’ quality of care and length of stay

  3. To reduce prescription errors and improve the management of diabetes-related acute complications.

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QiC Diabetes Winner 2011
Best emergency or in-patient care initiative
by Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust

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