Insulin Pump Patient Database linking clinical care to commissioning


The database was created after NEE CCG handed over the service budget and commissioning of the insulin pump service to North East Essex Diabetes Service (NEEDS). Initially there were a variety of sources of information, each holding different types of data, making it difficult to gain a clear picture of which patients were funded, for what and when insulin pump renewals were due. At the same time, all of the insulin pump patients were being transferred across from the existing pump service and the team needed a way to track their clinical outcomes. The new database allows tracking of pump consumable ordering, pump warranty information, clinical outcomes, HbA1c, and so on, providing a ‘live’ picture for use in clinical audit and financial tracking.


After taking over the commissioning role from the CCG, alongside the clinical role from the hospital service, it quickly became clear that there were large gaps in the information that the commissioners had previously held, compared to that held by the clinical service. The insulin pump companies were sometimes unsure as to who should cover the funding for some patients, so a lot of time was spent looking into all of the different sources of information to try and develop a clear picture of what had gone on with individual patients in the past. This was beginning to impact on clinician staff time, and could not continue in the longer term.


To provide easy access to all information on insulin pump patients in the NEE area via an easy to use database to determine funding and replacement issues. To track clinical outcomes and yearly patient audit, with enough flexibility to create audits on any of the documented information held within the database at any point in the future.

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QiC Diabetes Commended 2015
Best initiative in specialised services
Insulin Pump Patient Database linking clinical care to commissioning
by North East Essex Diabetes Service (NEEDS)


Adele Holcombe

Job title:
Specialist Diabetes Dietitian Practitioner
Place of work:
North East Essex Diabetes Service (NEEDS) NEEDS Diabetes, 1st Floor, Primary care centre, Turner Road, Colchester, Essex CO4 5JR
01376 531215

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