Research for the Future: The ‘Help BEAT Diabetes’ Campaign


To improve NHS care and focus resources effectively, we need a 'research active nation' where people actively help deliver high quality research. Research for the Future is an innovative collaboration between NIHR CRN: Greater Manchester (NIHR CRN:GM), North West EHealth (NWEH) and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (SRFT). It consists of a series of 'Help BEAT' campaigns, of which diabetes is the fi rst. Each campaign invites people with a particular health condition to register their details and research interests on a database. In doing so, they give their 'consent for approach' and can be contacted in the future about a range of research opportunities. This method of linking research teams with people interested in participating helps recruit to time and target.


A survey of the public's attitude towards health research showed high levels of confidence in NHS research (HRA, 2013) and willingness to participate. However many people are unaware of what research takes place locally or how to get involved. One barrier in recruitment to diabetes studies is that most people with the condition are managed in primary care whilst research centres are frequently based in secondary care. Research for the Future is a collaboration between NIHR CRN:GM, NWEH and SRFT who host the campaign. All have close links with the Manchester Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) who are experienced in the development of health informatics technology and Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) who are committed to providing research leadership and increasing public involvement in research. Partners in the project include Diabetes UK who have significantly helped raise awareness of the campaign and Novo Nordisk who supported the pilot with an educational grant.


To improve recruitment to research studies to time and target by building a database of volunteers who consent to be approached in the future about studies they are both eligible for and interested in.

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QiC Diabetes Highly Commended 2016
Diabetes Collaboration Initiative of the Year
Research for the Future: The ‘Help BEAT Diabetes’ Campaign
by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, NIHR CRN: Greater Manchester and NorthWest EHealth


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