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The Health Innovation Network (HIN) is the Academic Health Science Network for South London. Established across 10 multidisciplinary acute diabetes teams and with three industry partners, the Diabetes Improvement Collaborative had the aim of increasing the uptake of insulin pump therapy for adults with type 1 diabetes. Research cited by NICE stated that 15-20% of people with type 1 could benefit from pump therapy, however a local South London audit undertaken by the Health Innovation Network (HIN) in 2014 revealed that in South London this figure was between 3-15% depending on borough and the average was 8.8%. Results have shown that since the project started in June 2014 there has been an increase of over 370 people accessing insulin pump therapy from sites in South London, equating to a rise from 8.8% to 11.9% of the South London adult type 1 population.


Type 1 diabetes affects more than 370,000 adults in the UK. People with the condition are wholly reliant on insulin delivered through multiple daily injections or an insulin pump. Evidence indicates that between 15-20% of adults with type 1 diabetes would benefit from this technology and in comparable countries outside the UK the uptake figure is between 20% and 40%. However in June 2014 data supplied to the HIN from South London service providers indicated that the uptake of this technology in South London was between 3-15% depending on borough. Barriers to insulin pump therapy included lack of capacity within services - including adequately trained staff – and lack of access to type 1 NICE-approved structured education (usually a pre-requisite for starting pump therapy).


Increasing insulin pump uptake to at least 15% of the type 1 population in South London by 2018. To create an effective and sustainable network of providers, to identify and develop opportunities for collaboration across the network. To engage local teams in service improvement activities, by providing training and skills in relevant techniques, and to develop an effective collaboration between the NHS and industry to deliver the above aims.

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QiC Diabetes Commended 2016
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The Health Innovation Network Diabetes Improvement Collaborative
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