Get involved with The Quality in Care (QiC)Awards

The Qualityin Care (QiC) Awards, are a leading UK medical awards programmes that recognises innovative practice in patient care and joint working in key therapy areas and allows these schemes to be shared and disseminated on a national level.

Entering the awards

You can find out how to enter in the awards sections of our website.

Current award programmes include QiCDiabetes, QiCOncology, QiCHepatitis C and QiC Anticoagulation.

Supporting Quality in Care

Each programme involves the support of healthcare professionals, charities, industry and NHS.

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities please contact Debbie Tuesley

We always welcome support from relevant charities and patient organisations. To find out more please contact Debbie Tuesley

Sharing best practice

The Quality in Care awards programme aims to:

  • Support healthcare providers in a practical way to improve standards of care
  • Identify and showcase existing initiatives which are directly or indirectly improving care
  • Disseminate these more widely to enable individuals and teams working in healthcare across the country to learn from good practice.

All categories in the awardsprogrammes support one or more of the domains as defined by the current NHS OutcomesFramework