Dr Jahangir Rehman - Consultant physician - Bradford Royal Infirmary / GP trainee (Bradford Training Scheme)

Dr Rehman is currently employed as a Consultant Physician at Bradford Royal infirmary and as a GP trainee on the Bradford Vocational Training Scheme. 

He graduated from the University of Newcastle in 1998 and completed his postgraduate training in Gastroenterology (sub-specialty of Hepatology) and General Internal Medicine in West Yorkshire gaining his CCT in 2009, having spent a significant proportion of his training on the regional Liver Transplant Unit.

He will shortly qualify as a General Practitioner in August 2015, allowing him to work as a Consultant and General Practitioner.

His main clinical research interest is in viral hepatitis, particularly with reference to ethnic minorities in the UK. He has completed a number of projects which focus on epidemiology and treatment outcomes in the South-Asian communities based in Yorkshire.

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