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Waverley Care self-management programme
by Waverley Care

Waverley Care developed a person-centred, self-management style programme which would enable people living with Hepatitis C to have access to support, information and room to successfully manage their condition and move forward in their lives.

Service users frequently made reference to certain behaviours (often which had led them to contracting Hepatitis C) yet they did not understand why they felt they engaged in these behaviours - nor could they see a way to move forward from them.

The programme’s structured workshops create a group environment in which participants gain new knowledge, learn new skills and explore their lives while discussing a wide range of problems, concerns and experiences. Some of the areas covered in workshops include: self identity, confidence and self-esteem, goal setting and problem solving.

Judges comment:

"This entry from Waverley Care encompasses all aspects of health promotion and has been replicated in Turkey. An innovative, patient intensive programme with excellent use of expert advice."


Hampshire Peer to Peer (P2P) Hepatitis C mentoring
by Inclusion Recovery Hampshire

Inclusion Recovery took over the adult substance misuse service that runs across Hampshire in July. It started P2P (peer-to-peer) Hepatitis C Mentoring in partnership with The Hepatitis C Trust, where trained mentors deliver talks and presentations to peers and professionals with the aim of increasing awareness and testing for hepatitis C, interspersing volunteers’ own life experiences with key messages, risk factors and treatment options.

The P2P team has carried out 11 testing events where those identified at risk of HCV were offered an oral swab test to check for antibodies, with a £5 gift voucher incentive to the first 25 people tested at each event. To date 53 people have been diagnosed and 21 are being currently actively supported.

Judges comment:

"The mentoring programme was extremely strong and the video of Colin should be on national TV to raise awareness of the disease and treatment available. Very impactful."


Positive Help: Practical support services
by Positive Help

Positive Help provides practical assistance to improve the daily lives of individuals and families in the Edinburgh area who are affected by HIV and Hepatitis C.

In 2012 it launched an initiative which provided transport and domestic support - ranging from cleaning to food shopping and gardening - to people undergoing or preparing for HCV treatment.

Staffed by trained volunteers, the service aimed to overcome practical difficulties in making it to hospital appointments due to poverty, chaotic life circumstances and geographical remoteness – and, more importantly, gives users a chance to speak to someone about the issues affecting them, including the impact of treatment, and get the support they need. These visits improve service users’ living conditions and quality of life and resolve issues that could otherwise disrupt treatment.

Judges comment:

"Positive Help enable patients to have a better quality of life with the services they provide. They adapted methodology and approach to patient’s problems to ensure they met their needs. A simple idea, well executed."

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