British HIV Association

"We are proud to support and be associated with QiC Hepatitis C. At this time of great advances in therapeutics in this area, it is important that innovative and quality care is showcased so that there is equity of care for all and that no-one is left behind."
Dr Sanjay Bhagani, Consultant Physician and honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Infectious Diseases/HIV Medicine, Royal Free London Foundation Trust, Research Department of Infection, UCL


The voice of the hepatitis C professional community 

Hep C Positive

"Hep C Positive is delighted to support and endorse QiC's mission to raise awareness of Hepatitis C and to help explore and share 'best practice' in the field which will ultimately help all our patients progress with their lives."

Phil Spalding, co-founder Hep C Positive


Liver health charity dedicated to supporting people affected by liver conditions, disease and cancer. 

The Hepatitis C Trust

UK charity provides information about HCV, medical care, living with the disease, treatments and support. 

Waverley Care

"Waverley Care, Scotland leading Hepatitis C and HIV charity, fully supports the QiC Hepatitis C Awards Programme.  QiC provides a vital platform to share excellence and good practice in the field of Hepatitis C across all areas of delivery from Third Sector support and prevention to acute care in clinical settings. Through the sharing of best practice and learning across the UK, we can work towards achieving the best health outcomes for individuals living with Hepatitis C."

David Cameron, Senior Manager Waverley Care Community Projects and SX

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