Waverley Care Self-Management Programme


Waverley Care developed a person-centred, self-management style programme which would enable people living with Hepatitis C to have access to support, information and room to successfully manage their condition and move forward in their lives.

Service users frequently made reference to certain behaviours (often which had led them to contracting Hepatitis C) yet they did not understand why they felt they engaged in these behaviours - nor could they see a way to move forward from them.

The programme’s structured workshops create a group environment in which participants gain new knowledge, learn new skills and explore their lives while discussing a wide range of problems, concerns and experiences.

Some of the areas covered in workshops include: self-identity, confidence and self-esteem, goal setting and problem solving. 


People living with blood-borne viruses (BBVs) are among the most vulnerable members of society and subject to both health and social inequalities. Whatever their causes, psychological problems complicate the care and clinical management of people living with HCV, by decreasing rates of adherence to medication, reducing the quality of life and leading to poorer physical and mental health outcomes. People often find that their capacity to sustain independent living is substantially compromised – and often this is when they look for, and benefit from, support in a safe setting, both from skilled workers and from their peers so that they are able to learn how to successfully manage living with a long term condition.


To work with health, social and voluntary sector partners to identify people living with Hepatitis C and encourage them to take part in the self-management programmes. To support individuals to make informed choices regarding their lifestyles and to affect behaviour change. To give participants better knowledge of their condition, dietary requirements, lifestyle choices, and skills such as setting long-term goals.

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QiC Hepatitis C Winner 2015
Best patient support programme
Waverley Care self-management programme
by Waverley Care


David Cameron

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Senior Manager Community Projects
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Waverley Care, 3 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6NB
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