Prevention and Early Diagnosis

This award recognises those teams and individuals that are working to prevent people from dying prematurely from cancer maximising patient recovery and outcomes.

This category supports the government’s ambition in the NHS Five Year Forward View to deliver a 10% increase in those patients diagnosed early, equivalent to about 8,000 more patients living longer than five years after diagnosis.

Initiatives may include:

  • Lifestyle initiatives addressing risk factors and promotion of healthy lifestyle for general population
  • Health literacy – bridging the gap between what HCPs know and what patients understand
  • Advice and counselling services around HPV vaccinations
  • Good practice models supporting accurate and timely diagnosis improving patient outcomes
    • Cancer awareness and early detection
    • Increasing screening uptake or improving screening
    • Developing new referral pathways to access diagnostics more quickly, leading to an increased five-year survival rate.

Judging criteria:

Objectives Are the objectives clearly explained and appropriate to the initiative? 0-5 points
Planning & implementation How effective were the methods used to deliver the initiative? How well were they implemented?0-10 points
Impact & results How successful was the initiative? How well did it meet its objectives?  0-10 points
Patient experience How patient experience was measured and how well was the initiative received by patients?0-20 points
Audit & evaluation  Was the initiative subject to formal evaluation and were the measures of success appropriate? What evidence-based data exists to support the success of the programme?0-20 points
Future benefits What impact does the project potentially have in the future? 0-10 points
Sustainability How sustainable was the initiative? What level of impact has the project had (relative to available budget/resources) within its intended environment? 0-15 points
Replication How easily could the initiative be adapted to other health authorities? 0-10 points
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