QiC Oncology 2016 Cancer Nurse of the Year (Nomination only)

YOU have the chance to nominate and, subsequently, vote online for QiC Oncology 2016 Cancer Nurse of the Year from the nominated entries. Once all nominations have been received, judges will then select a shortlist and these nominees, together with a short profile of their work, will be available for you to read and then cast your vote.


The QiC Oncology 2016 Nurse of the Year Award is open to all registered nurses working in NHS and independent cancer care in the UK.

This award recognises nurses who have succeeded in raising standards of care for their patients over and above their day to day role.  Nominees must have initiated and led changes in practice in 2015 demonstrating positive outcomes in care and clear benefits for patient.

Please check that the person you wish to nominate is comfortable for you to nominate them. Nominations must be made by someone who is a fellow healthcare professional and familiar with the work of the nominee.

Nomination process

All nominations received by the entry deadline will be uploaded to the QiC Oncology 2016 website for the online voting process, which will be open to the public vote.

Closing date 13 January 2016 and nominations will be posted on the Quality in Care Oncology website for the public to vote on until 1 February 2016.

The winner will be notified the week of 8 February 2016 and will be invited to the evening awards ceremony at a venue in central London on Thursday 25 February 2016.

How to nominate

Please complete the online form below. Questions marked with a * are mandatory.

For further information or help with your submission, please contact:

Siobhan Thwaites
E: sthwaites@qualityincare.org
T: 01372 414247

Debbie Tuesley
E: dtuesley@qualityincare.org
T: 01372 414253


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Your Nomination

Nominees must have initiated and led changes in practice in 2015

Please provide evidence of positive patient benefits and outcomes

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