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NHS England reveals plan to improve cancer survival rates

NHS England has ordered an independent taskforce to develop a five-year action plan with the aim of improving cancer survival rates and services.

QiC Oncology results announced

Teams and individuals working in cancer care in the UK were last night recognised at the third Quality in Care (QiC) Oncology awards.

Thousands more seek lung cancer tests in UK

A campaign urging people with a persistent cough to visit a doctor has seen a surge of early stage lung cancer diagnoses.

UK landmarks turn pink for breast cancer

Several major UK landmarks turned pink this week in support of a breast cancer campaign.

Cancer Drugs Fund gets £160m extra funding

The Government announced today that England’s Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) will receive £160m more in funding over the next two years.

Stars come out for Bowel Cancer UK campaign

Several well-known figures in the UK have pledged their support for a new cancer campaign run by Bowel Cancer UK.

Macmillan campaign to leave a legacy after death

Macmillan Cancer Support’s new campaign and film – ‘Live Your Legacy’ – aim to encourage people across the UK to consider how they would like to be remembered after they die.

Tattoo artists enlisted to raise awareness of skin cancer

Tattoos are being used as part of a campaign in Brazil to raise awareness of the symptoms of skin cancer.

Sharing ideas, to improve care for cancer patients - part 1

Projects covering safe and seamless nursing care at home, cancer chemotherapy commissioning and coordinating cancer care across different sites are among the case studies to be presented in a forthcoming webinar.

Webinars to share ideas on how to improve care for cancer patients

QiC Excellence is hosting two webinars featuring speakers behind award-winning programmes in cancer care.

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