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Shout Out! is a magazine for 7-13 year-olds with cancer, designed and written with extensive input from them. It features information about living with cancer, articles and activities to help children with cancer have fun and take their minds off treatment, and content from its readers. Children spend months or even years away from home and school, friends and family; and missing out on education often leaves them feeling isolated. Shout Out! is designed to make them feel less alone, help them cope with the impact of cancer and offer peer support, as well as providing vital patient information for both children in hospital and at home.

The magazine was created by children, from concept to publication. Children supported by the charity said a magazine was the best way to reach this age group. They advised on all aspects of the magazine from the name to the look and feel, and contribute much of the content. 

The feedback from pilot issues has been positive. Respondents surveyed ‘really enjoyed’ or ‘quite enjoyed’ it, with half reporting feeling happier or more positive after reading it. Nearly all think there is enough relevant information about cancer and 96 per cent think a magazine is the best way to provide information and share thoughts. One said:  “I think it’s brilliant and will help many kids ... Also it looks amazing!” Issue 1 of the magazine was distributed to children at home and in hospitals this summer.


  • Support children to manage the impact of cancer and treatment on their lives 
  • Reduce the sense of isolation felt by children on and off treatment and help them feel supported  
  • Engage with children and provide them with opportunities to share their experiences and be involved with the charity’s work.

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QiC Oncology Highly Commended 2012
Patient experience
Shout Out! Magazine for 7-13 year olds living with cancer
by CLIC Sargent


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