Delivering Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapies closer to home to improve patient experience


In 2012 the clinical and service team developed a three-year chemotherapy strategy with a vision to develop a safe and effective service, delivering treatment closer to the patients’ homes under a single governance arrangement. The goal was to improve patients’ experience and waiting times by developing improved patient pathways. The strategy aimed to deliver 80% of agreed clinically appropriate systemic anticancer therapies closer to patients’ homes by 2014, which required a significant expansion of appropriate facilities across a considerable geographic area.


In 2012 a survey of patients receiving treatment identified the following priorities in terms of their cancer treatment: access to the very best available treatment for their cancer; less waiting times on the day of treatment; and the possibility of receiving treatment closer to home but keeping the connection with the Christie. Our agreed approach required system leadership to gain support and buy-in from providers and commissioners across the board – this meant redesigning existing clinical pathways and changing the way we traditionally delivered care.


To increase the provision of chemotherapy services closer to home, making flexible and best use of facilities in each locality. To improve patient outcomes by enabling patients to have access to the latest evidence-based treatments and clinical trials. To provide the best possible experience for patients while meeting all chemotherapy performance targets by reducing on the day waits, improving overall satisfaction and providing services within 20 minutes’ travel time of patients’ homes.

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QiC Oncology Winner 2016
Patient Experience
Delivering Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapies closer to home to improve patient experience
by The Christie NHS Foundation Trust


Jackie Wrench

Job title:
Service Manager and lead nurse for Systemic Anti-Cancer services
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The Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
0161 918 7667

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