MDT-FIT (Multidisciplinary Team Feedback for Improving Teamworking)


MDT-FIT is a web-based platform that enables individual MDTs, Trusts and networks/systems to complete and oversee a three-stage process, incorporating self-assessment against the characteristics of an effective MDT, independent observation, anonymised feedback and facilitated team discussion. The aim is to improve the quality of service and benefit patient care. It facilitates teamworking and quality improvement at low cost and takes little time. It is also repeatable, allows issues to be prioritised and supports ‘benchmarking’ across teams and services.


The highest cost in healthcare is staffing: one way to save money and improve efficiency is to help NHS staff to work better together, using all staff members to their full potential. Encouraging synergistic working would improve cancer care, patients’ experience and outcomes. There are often disconnects between team aspirations and Trust management, which means good ideas often do not get actioned. Other solutions like external consultancy, project managers and commercial solutions are expensive. Even releasing staff for training and brainstorming are costly and time consuming, and take the team away from direct patient care. 


To allow cancer teams to self-assess against defined standards to improve functionality, and to do this anonymously so people can be empowered and honest about their team and the care they deliver. To identify what teams do well and what needs to be improved. To give teams a toolkit to prioritise areas for improvement, then the framework to develop and effect quality improvement projects. To empower team members to make differences to care with minimum investment in time away from patient care, at minimal cost.

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QiC Oncology Winner 2016
Digital Innovation in the Treatment of Cancer
MDT-FIT (Multidisciplinary Team Feedback for Improving Teamworking); A toolkit to improve patient care across the whole cancer pathway
by Barts Health NHS Trust, Kings College London and Green Cross Medical Ltd


James Green

Job title:
Consultant Urological Surgeon and Visiting Professor LSBU, Clinical Lead for MDT-FIT
Place of work:
Barts Health NHS Trust
07813 180452

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